The cellular computer

Works hard,
Just Like you

Be the first to own one of our unique phones

Open source software can be installed and run on the phone

XFone running Ubuntu 64 desktop

Choose your linux distro

Works like a regular computer

Networking and wireless work

Think inside the box

What comes in the package?

You get the XFone with Linux & Android, SageTea Office Manager*, a SIM card with unlimited Canada-Wide Calling and a 500MB Data plan, with No Contract.

XFone comes with a customer subdomain that lets you host your own website and web services.

Beautiful on the Outside
Secure on the Inside


Take back control of your privacy and protect your private information


A fully working desktop computer and server

User Friendly

You can use a mouse & a keyboard by remote

For Geeks by Geeks

Runs On Open Source Linux and Android friendly Runs Your Linux Apps. Native.

Unlocked. Rooted. Bring your Carrier, or, try ours. We have great plans.

Choose your style

All prices are in Canadian Dollars

Everyone in the Family enjoys his XFone

Linux Student


per month

Linux CitizenDev


per month

Linux Business


per month

Linux SecurePro


per month

Linux Smart Home Pro


one time purchase

XFone Only


one time purchase

No Contract, No Commitment